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Comdial DX-80
Comdial DX-80 Cordless Hset/Base
(Model # 7265-00)



Comdial 7265-00 consists of one handset and a base station. The base station has two jacks that use standard telephone line cords to plug into DX-80 digital ports.
Each base station can support up to two handsets (one handset for each of the digital extension ports). A maximum of two base stations or four handsets can be configured on a single DX-80 system. With a few exceptions, the Cordless Endpoint supports the same features offered by the DX-80 7260-00 Digital Endpoint.
Designed for users that require mobility and sophisticated call management capabilities, the DX-80 Cordless Endpoint offers:

Product Features

  • 2.4 GHz frequency hopping;
  • range: 600 meter for Line of Sight;
  • 5-hour talk time;
  • 72-hour standby time;
  • 3-line LCD display, with 3 interactive soft keys;
  • 6 programmable feature keys;
  • speakerphone capable;
  • headset jack;
  • dedicated Hold and Transfer buttons;
  • Caller ID support; and wall-mountable base station.