Comdial DX-120
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Comdial DX-120 KSU (key service unit)
(Model # 7201P-00)



Comdial's NEW DX-120 7201P-00 Key Service Unit 1 (KSU1) includes the following:

 (1) Key Service Unit 1 configured with 4 analog CO line ports, 8 digital station ports and 4 analog station ports
 (1) System Software

The DX120 KSU is the core component of the newest system available from Comdial / Vertical.
The DX-120 Business Communications System (BCS) has been strategically designed to give growing enterprises, like yours, all the sophisticated communications features of big-company digital systems in an affordable, easy to use and highly scalable package. The DX-120 System includes desktop and cordless speakerphone endpoints, a reception console and a comprehensive feature set of nearly 200 functions previously available only on high-end PBXs. It also supports both T1/ISDN-PRI and analog trucking, conferencing, powerful voicemail and auto-attendant options with easy to use remote configuration. That means you can use MCS technical staff to support your installation! We can be there to assist and consult on your Comdial purchase remotely!
The basic component of the DX-120 system (7201P-00) is 4 analog CO line ports, 8 digital station ports, and 4 analog station ports. This KSU easily upgrades to 40 CO line ports (24 from T1 and 16 analog CO lines), 80 digital station ports and 8 analog station ports.