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Comdial DX-120
Comdial DX-120 Executive Speakerphone 8 (30 programmable buttons)
(Model # 7261-08)



This sleek, ultramodern endpoint puts you in control of your business communications. You get nearly 200 time-saving calling features, including:

  • Interactive LCD: Displays critical information, including Caller ID, call status and message waiting status. Three softkeys below the LCD screen allow you to select from a displayed menu of calling and configuration options.
  • 30 Button Programmability: The 30 red/green dual-color LED buttons can be programmed to do customized tasks that meet your personal needs. For example, you can program a button to dial favorite extensions, access speed-dial numbers, page a colleague, park a call, or let you take a breather with “Do Not Disturb” mode and much more — all with a single push. You can also program a button to function as a Call Key, which will provide status for a pool of CO lines, to aid in multiple call handling.
  • Busy Off Hook Voice Announce: The DX-120 can make sure that important calls get through by making an announcement over the speakerphone — even if you’re already on another call.
  • Connections, Connections: A headset jack makes life easier for professionals who depend on constant communication.