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NEC DS1000 3x8x4 kit with 3 phones
(Model # 80290)



NEC's legendary reliable and quality standards are evident in the DS1000/2000 innovative 32-bit architecture. This new concept features Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Technology, on-board flash memory, and field software upgradeability. The compact DS1000 with built-in Caller ID starts with 3 lines, 8 stations and 4 analog ports. It expands to 6 line, 16 stations an 8 analog ports just by plugging in a single expansion card. Easily wall-mountable cabinets, removable access covers and simplified one-pair wiring.

#80290 Package Includes:

(1) DS1000-80200 3x8x4 Cabinet with built in Caller ID
(3) DS2000-80573 22-Button Display Telephone