Date:  3/5/2021

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Small packages for all budgets

NEC DS 1000 w/ 3 lines and 3 phones


NEC DS 1000Includes:

Complete installation

Music on Hold

5 year part and labor





DX-120 w/ 4 lines and 4 phones



Complete installation

Music on Hold

5 year part and labor




NEC DSX w/ 8 lines and 8 phones


DS 2000 Includes:

Complete installation

Music on Hold

5 year part and labor




  If I buy a telephone system with 4 lines and I only have 3 lines from my telephone provider, will it   work anyway ?

Yes it will. When you hear the expression “a 4 line system”, what it really means is that it is a system into which you can connect up to 4 lines, but it will work with less lines: 3, 2 or even 1 line.

  How much do I have to pay a month for your service ?

The amount that you will pay will depend on the kind and amount of equipment you buy from us. While we have very competitive cash prices, we also offer our customers the benefits of equipment leasing, and the monthly payment will directly depend on the amount financed.

  What does parts & labor warranty mean exactly?

It means that, while most companies offer a parts warranty, by which only the parts, such as telephones or equipment cards are covered, they still charge you their time for replacing them. By offering a labor warranty as well, it means that we also DO NOT charge you for the labor associated with replacing the damaged part.

  When will the part and labor warranty not cover my equipment?

The part and labor warranty will not cover the equipment when the reason it’s broken it an Act of God, such as a power surge, Hurricane damage, or water damage from flooding or any other natural disaster, etc. The other case in which the equipment is not covered is when the damage to the equipment result from negligence such as dropping the telephone, or spilling chemicals over it, or any other case in which it is not handle with due care

  What other things will cost me extra?

The other things that will cost you extra are when you want to do some programming changes to your system or when you want to add telephones, or when you want to switch around extensions in your office, or any other type of change to the telephone system that you want to implement. While being an existing customer will afford you a preferential rate, said services are not free of charge.

  What services are included when I buy a telephone system from you ?

When you buy a system from us, besides getting the telephone equipment itself, you get the installation and programming of said equipment included in the purchase price. What this means is that we will do everything that needs to be done for the equipment to work. This includes cabling of your premises if needed, and interfacing the telephone equipment with the telephone lines being supplied to you by your telephone company. Furthermore, we will then program the system to suit your particular communication needs, and work.

 How long would my company be with out service during the installation process?

You don’t need to be out of service for very long during the installation process. We will install the new equipment alongside the old equipment, and when you are ready, we will switch to the new system. This will only take a matter of a few minutes. The inconvenience to you will barely be noticeable, and before you know it the new system will be in place with all the added convenience and all the new features at your disposal.

 If I have a telephone system from one brand can I buy telephones from a different brand?

No, you can’t. When you buy a telephone system, you can only use the telephones that are made for that particular system. While there may, or may not be different models for that particular system, you always have to stay within that particular line.

   If my system needs to be reprogrammed can it be done remotely?

Yes, but not in all the cases. Most of the simple programming can be done remotely, but more in depth programming might require to have a technician at the equipment site, in order for the process to go as smoothly as it needs to.

  If I already own a telephone system but it needs to be upgraded would you accept it as a trade in?

Yes, your old system will be accepted as a trade in allowance that will be reflected in your purchase agreement.

  Would your systems work with IP lines like the one provided by Vonage?

Yes, they work with Vonage lines, and integrate seamlessly with them. I would also like to point out that the telephone systems retain all their functionality while doing so.

  In which case do I need an IP based telephone system?

You need an IP based telephone system when you have more than one location and you want 1, 2 or more of those locations to have different telephone systems acting all as one. By getting an IP based telephone system, one central system will be able to control all the different locations seamlessly and effortlessly, while they will each retain their autonomy at the same time. There is the added benefit that you will not incur in long distance charges while communicating back and forth between the different locations.